How To Make Home Made Contact Lens Solution?

Hello adjectives a few weeks ago I ran out of contact lens solution. I established that I could make my own since the ingredients are extremely basic. I found a terrifically clever Recipe on the internet for making homemade contact lens solution and here it is - 600 ML Distiled Water combined with 3 table spoons ion saline (the type for your water softener) , 1 table spoon of Balsamic vinagar, mix adjectives ingedients in a pot on the stove and stir till the mixture comes to a boil. Let the mixture cool for 3 hrs or so . when it have cooled mix another 600 ML of distilled water. After mixing, pour the solution into a container for confident dispencing and store at room temperature. this solution is supossed to be greatly good for RGP and soft contacts alike. I enjoy tried this solution personally and i find somtimes it stings my eyes for a while bit. Is there any other recipe u have see on the internet or know of ? thanks much

Answer:    Obviously this is a prank because there is NO WAY someone could be that stupid!! Only use solutions commercially prepared specifically for contact lens use! Otherwise it is not past the worst for your eyes... end of story! So jump buy some solution and get a life span while you are at it... lol
becareful if it burns the ph is off and it could lead to you to go blind.
are you crazy or what

are u drunk

do you WANT to stir blind??

freaken go out and buy some more. and if u dont hold any solution, use eye wash,

im osrry but that is the stupidest article ive heard. dont be cheap, buy authentic contact solution. homemade contact solution is bad because it isnt sterile. distilled dampen doenst mean its free of the germs that causes serious eye infections. also, the vinegar must burn similar to ** and i could imagine that the vinegar would slough past its sell-by date your top epilethal cells and craft youo prone to even more infections.

if you are on a budget, buying 2.99 generic contact solution is x1000000 safer then what you are plannign to do. dont ** wiht your eyes because you single have one set.
i discern very sorry for the your eyes!! u will jump bling doing that!! distilled water isnt even undamaging enough for the eye because the microbes in it will incentive carries a equate brand of solution that works approaching all the big priced if u cant afford it, and it u were out for three weeks i dislike intensely to know wat will happen subsequent. please dont harm yourself lke this, if for some judgment u cant bye solution, u might need to come up with about specs and u dont have to mix ne entry to soak them in

PLEASE listen to the relatives here tryin to warn u until that time its too late
I gotta agree next to the majority here...pH balance.brackish and balsamic vinegar? OUCH! I would not put this anywhere near my eyes!!

Not just do the commercial contact lens solutions have the correct be a foil for (and those lots that do not are recalled), but they are also made under much more sterile conditions that probably ANY of our kitchens! The risk of an infection from adjectives household bacteria (staph, strep, salmonella) that we do try to hold on to under control within our kitchens is too great for me to fathom.

I understand your touch is Laura the Optician, but I would not use any homemade solution in my eyes...even if I did run out.near the nearest drug store 10 miles into town!

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