Difference between dark brown, brown and hazel eyes?

Sometimes I have a complex time figuring out the difference between brown and hazel eyes. I've other thought that dark brown eyes be brown eyes with no other colors mixed contained by. Brown eyes can have some green and other colors mixed within, but are predominantly brown. Hazel eyes, in my feelings, look hazel all the time and not only in bright lighting. Is this right?

eye #1- depressing brown

eye #2- brown

eye #3- hazel

Hazel is a catch adjectives term used for eyes next to a mixture of colours: a brown, blue or green background near patches and flecks of brown, blue or green.

If an eye is mostly brown near just a short time bit of other colours, you are free to call it brown or hazel. Eye colour naming have no precise rules.
Brown eyes are just brown, they can be standard lamp or dark, but they are a solid color. Hazel eyes own different colors in them, similar to rings or streaks of different colors.....and they come in tons variations. But hazel eyes other have brown within them. Different people own different definitions of hazel, though, some inhabitants say it's pallid brown, some say blue-green. But when I guess of hazel I think of a multicolored eye.

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