When you cry, why do your eyelids swell?

What cause the swelling and how do you get ride of it vigorous?


Answer:    The below article has the information you are looking for. In short, our eyes swell because of our autonomic fearful system increasing blood flow to the face.

To carry rid of the blotchiness...cold packs/washrags and deep breathing to try to relax to acquire that autonomic system to release the blood flow to the face.
Cuccumbers or rime pack.
I don't know it may be something to do with the blood vesles around your eyes...I take it awful if I'm up crying all dark - I find toilet tissue makes it unpromising compared to actual tissues like kleenex next to ultrabalm etc, also if I put something cool on them like eye gel it make them feel a bit better. I also put extra powder foundation on within the hope to cover it up!
I don't think mine swell? hmm.. haven't realize that.. maybe because your eye swell from too lots tears.. or eyes are sensitive. not really sure.
tear ducts~

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