If you get paint thinner surrounded by your eyes, will you instantly be blind?

I am in recent times wondering how long it will take since you damage your eye.

It will not lug long for the chemicals to begin dangerous the eye...if you have not done so:


Chemicals can cause serious inequity in the eye and can 'burn' the outside portions of your eyes. This is serious.

No, but it hurts resembling he double l! Rinse asap, and go see your optician
You enjoy about 30 second to start flushing the eye(s) with marine... and flush for at least 15 minutes... later go to the Emergency Room or your eyedoctor immidiately.
Obviously, you will not instantly dance blind. Also, a splash of paint thinner in your eyes will end in no permanent injury, provided you at once begin flushing your eyes beside water. Flush for 5 - 10 minutes. Your eyes will probably be red and sore for a few hours, but if in attendance is no pain and your figment of the imagination is fine, you are good to stir. A trip to the doctor at this point would be a waste of time and money. If niggle persists or your mirage blurs, then travel to the ER immediately.

p.s. If you are really concerned, simply read a can of paint thinner-- at hand are instructions for what to do for contact with eyes.
If he didn't rinse out it for long time [ 15 minute ] at least he will own complications

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