Why does it make my eyes hurt when it is overcast out side (cloudy)?

my eyes hurt and i get a headache sometimes even start sense sick when the sky is cloudy , i find myself squinting , why is this , it seems approaching its LESS bright so i dont know why it hurts my eyes. also is there anything i can do to prevent my eyes from hurting or from getting a headache aside from sunglasses, i work surrounded by a place where at hand are large doors unstop to the outside so my eyes hurt all hours of daylight when its cloudy like it is right in a minute but i am not permitted to wear sunglasses inside the building.

It is true that there is smaller quantity UV radiation on a cloudy day, but clouds cannot occupy one hundred percent of the harmful rays. Sometimes clouds increase the UV radiation through reflecting it. You necessitate good polarized sun protection next to good UV protection even on cloudy days. Especially on cloudy days for you! YOu might want to invest within some "Indoor" glasses near a tint just shade enough to cut some look daggers, but light plenty for your company to feel that they are fitting, have uv eyeshade and AR coating so that you are more comfortable!

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