Why is the corner of my eye twitching?

Answer:    Depending on if it's an ongoing entry, a twitching eye can sometimes be interpreted as an indicator of stress. Stress can take plentiful forms but if you're feeling worrisome or anxious roughly something, even if you're not specifically thinking about it adjectives the time, you can still display signs of stress related to the anxiety.
hi! it can be from lack of sleep as i enjoy had equal problem. for about 4 months i've have like solely 4 to 5 hours of sleep each afternoon and then my eyelids started to twtich and work funny. it kind feel like a worm be in here lol. after i got some flawless sleep everyday for 2 weeks, i was okay.

i hope this help!
eye twitching is definitely due to stress, relaxing more and getting ample sleep do help, it will run. i know how you feel, i feel that mine would be permenent, but it went after a few days when i relaxed more

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