When I wake up my eyes are stuck together?

During the day, my eyes are fine.. not red I don`t know a little liquid.. but as soon as night time comes around they start stinging profusely.. almost as if i got shampoo surrounded by them, and when I wake up they are adjectives goey and gross and stuck together..

what the heck is going on??

Answer:    I believe it is very possible you hold a low grade chronic bacterial infection. Now what does THAT scrounging? Low grade finances your body's defenses are controlling the amount of bacteria contained by your tears but are not able to completely shoot them off. So during the light of day while you are blinking and producing adequate amounts of tears, your tears are competent to flush enough of the microbes out to keep them from inflaming your eyes. Now within the evenings you tend not to produce as many tears so the bacterial byproducts inaugurate to build up in your tears and set off to inflame your eyes. When you actually budge to sleep then in attendance is almost no tear exchange whatsoever. This allows a significant overgrowth of bacteria. The metabolic byproducts of the microbes while you are sleeping is what makes up that gooey gross stuff that sticks your lid together. This can become chronic in that your body of late can't quite muster plenty of a defense to completely kill adjectives the bacteria.

So, if indeed you do enjoy a bacterial infection, the best solution is to prescribe a topical anitbiotic such as Zymar or Vigamox. These antibiotics are potent and able to swiftly decrease your bacterial nouns and completely kill adjectives the offending bacteria surrounded by 7 to 8 days. To be sure this is what is happening, though, you want to go see your optometrist or ophthalmologist. They will be capable of make a diagnosis and treat you appropriately. Hope this help.
you need to enjoy your eyes checked for a dry eye state ,it OK,just move about to the doctor
my eyes do that to.and when i spray net my fuzz i guess i get some contained by my eyes i can blink and they stik...lol but i dont know maby you tear up when you sleep and that happends...heck i dont know but vastly weird.lol

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