What is CHo WA herbal tea ? is this a scam?? PLEASE READ?

not long i received an odd envelope surrounded by the mail inside of it adjectives there be was a 5 module newspaper artical describing the story of Dr kumato and the formula of cho wa specifically supossed to be an ancient tea that people drink to increase in that energy. it is described as one used by the doctor on his patient which be the shogun of japan some ages ago ,In a quik breakdown of the story it is said that a person at the moment has received the ancient scroll and in a minute is trying to distribute this wonderful formula to the world for 60 bucks per month or so. I was basically wondering if anyone else has hear of this company or this product ? is this a legit company ? is this newspaper that i be mysteriously sent just propaganda from the company ?? or is this someone trying to transmit me that i need to filch some chow wa?? here is a copy of the website i found it online here. I would like some feedback plz

lol okay this isn't an optical question but....
I am a bit skeptical myself.... I really do not construe any tea can be capable of such claims.... The price seem pretty steep too.... I think it is a scam!
There's no such point as Cho Wa tea. Doesn't exist, never has never will.

This...is a scam!

Scammy scamming scam
it sounds similar to a scam, if you sent him the money most likely you'll recieved some normal(ordinary) tea repacked contained by their labels, beside none of the so called 'claims' they advertise, you'll be paying something like 30-60 times the price if you take your tea from the grocery store near your home
Silly me. I go out and ordered said tea. The box and packaging looks frank enough. Nothing scream 'fly by night' to me. The product tastes somewhat similar to powdered tea, somewhat mellower. It does give me a boost within energy, unlike a strong caffeinated beverage which give me jitters, for me i just discern more alert for a few hours. Because the packet dose is strong tasting, I help yourself to out half the powder within the packet and brew it in 4 oz hot wet. Sometimes I add a partially teaspoon of honey. It does not mix well surrounded by cold water. I still get hold of an energy boost, conceivably not as much as if I took the full packet. Personally, despite skeptics, I like this product at partially dose and am planning to order more.

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