What is that squigly line that appear surrounded by your eye and when you look at it it kinda moves away?

when you shame it it just kinda pops up contained by your eye

Answer:    Hey there! Do they look similar to this?
Well then you enjoy floaters also called vitreous floaters. Many ancestors get them!
I see floaters as ably... I notice them most commonly when I look at the sky or a plain background.
"Floaters are in truth tiny clumps of gel or cells inside the vitreous, the clear jelly-like fluid that fill the inside of your eye.

Floaters may look like specks, strands, web or other shapes. Actually, what you are seeing are the shadows of floaters cast on the retina, the light-sensitive part of the pack of the eye."

Floaters are USUALLY quite run of the mill and can accompany a headache.
If the following happen then the floaters could indicate a problem:
"If you suddenly see up to date floaters, or eye floaters accompanied by flashes of bedside light or peripheral delirium loss, it could indicate serious conditions such as diabetic retinopathy; vascular abnormalities such as retinal hemorrhages or carotid artery disease, or the dawn of a retinal detachment. The retina can tear if the shrinking vitreous gel pulls away from the wall of the eye. This sometimes cause a small amount of bleeding in the eye that may appear as latest floaters. You should see your eye doctor immediately"

They can be annoying but best thing to do is rebuke them and they go away :)

Hope that help a bit hun :)
That is like an age sign. you want more lutien - go see an opthamolgist
its appellation is a floater, really all it is surrounded by a tiny bit of membrain moving across the eye if this happens alot consult your doctor otherwise your fine their truly quite adjectives but people own learn't to ignore it
I believe you are referring to floaters:

Floaters retain this name due to the reality that many relations notice bleak dots, lines or particles contained by their vision that move around as though floating surrounded by the eye. Floaters cast shadows on the retina, the light-sensitive tissue pool liner the back of the eye. The retina afterwards sends visual signals to the brain, resulting surrounded by an image.
Floaters come and progress with eye movements, such as blinking.
It's call a "floater." It's just a bit piece of protein on your eyeball. It's nothing to verbs about UNLESS you suddenly get hold of a ton of them all at once, you see flashing lights, or black spots within your vision. Those could be signs of a detatched retina and you would obligation to see a Dr. ASAP. But just the ordinary few floaters are nothing but annoying. If you look gone to right a few times really quickly, it should oblige get rid of them temporarily.
they are call "floaters" almost everyone has them. when you catch older, they win more noticeable
My apprehension is they are old unmoving blood cells that drift into the juice part of the eye.

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