Can you still wear contacts if you have a stye?

Answer:    I have worn contacts in the past, and I have have a sty before, and I have a sneaking suspicion that that combining the two could be rather aching. I learned when I be a child that if you rub a gold ring on a sty it will clear it go away much a day or two at the most. I hold done it many times, and it works. But you enjoy to keep doing it periodically. This is in truth an old Edgar Cayce remedy that most ethnic group don't know anything about. It does not issue if it is white gold or washed out gold, but it should be at lowest possible 14K. *sm*
not a good concept I'd say.
Depends, styes start out as pimples/clogged pores so if they are small you can lately wash the nouns and apply some antibiotic ontiment w/ a q tip a couple of times a day and be fine. If it is swollen big and ooze sometimes not a good perception b/c you could be infecting your contacts/reinfecting yourself
no because you are too far ugly, you are!!
You shouldn't:

"Discontinue wearing your contact lenses because the sty may basis an infection to spread to your cornea with the continued use of your contact lenses."
It is best not to as the stye (if it's the external variety) typically contains microbes that can contaminate your contact lens and create an infection within the eye itself should it come to a organizer and rupture.

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