Can i substitute hydrogen peroxide for expensive eye drops like visine?

Answer:    Yes, you are a numbskull. You stay away from peroxide. It should only be used by population who can use it properly.
NO! Hydrogen peroxide will BLIND YOU-----eye drops are Saline Solution, NOT peroxide

Hydrogen peroxide is very irritating to the eyes and can motive corneal damage. Here is an excerpt from the Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for hydrogen peroxide:

Causes eye burns. Produces irritation, characterized by a burning sensation, glow, tearing, inflammation, and possible corneal injury.

You should never put anything into your eyes explicitly not specifically labeled as being for ophthalmic (eye) use. And simply to be clear: the product has to right to be heard that it is safe to put into your eyes. Many nation have tattered their eyes by putting solutions like contact lens cleaner into their eyes, mistakenly thinking that if they be safe for their contacts, they would be undamaging for direct eye use.

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