How long does it take for eye antibotic drops to work?

i went to the doctor today beside a eye infection, its not pink eye cause its purely really red with no discomfort. i was perscribed bausch & Lomb sulfacetamide sodium opthalmic solution 10%. i hold been using them for almost 8 hours and i havnt come across any improvement. have anyone used these drops before or hold any idea how long it will be beforehand i will see results. i just begin my vaction yesterday and i dont want to go out near a bright red eye...i been hiding bringing up the rear my sunglasses!

Answer:    There are a few things I would like to address. First, the drug you enjoy been prescribed is BACTERIOSTATIC fairly than BACTERIOCIDAL. That means the antibiotic does not certainly KILL the bacteria cause your infection. Rather, it inhibits its reproduction and keeps the bacterial nouns stable in your eye. Then next to time your body's own defenses can kill the germs. I would much rather see you on an antibiotic similar to Zymar or Vigamox. Or maybe something approaching Ciloxan. These aggressively KILL the bacteria. You will perceive much more rapid recovery and also it is much less promising that we will breed resisitant forms of bacteria by not aggressively bloodshed all the microbes rapidly. I would right to be heard there is a especially good possibility you be prescribed this drug by a general medical doctor next to no training in eye nurture. It is probably the most commonly prescribed by this group of practitioners. Next time you have an eye infection be in motion to an optometrist or an ophthalmologist. They are much better trained at diagnosing and treating eye infections.

Second, antibiotics should be used consistently for 8 to 10 days to assure that the infection is resolved and decrease the risk of a regrowth of germs should not all the microbes be killed. This again go back to one of the reason you should be using a bacteriocidal rather than bacteriostatic antibiotic.

Third, if you indeed did NOT dance to an eye care professional nearby is a good possibility that you do not hold a bacterial infection but rather a VIRAL infection. General medical physicians are not equipped nor are they well-read to make a differential diagnosis between the two types of infections. They tend to use an antibiotic on every red eye because they know that if it is VIRAL within nature the virus will run its course contained by about 1 to 2 weeks and the merciful will get better no thing what they do. Studies have shown that the great majority of eye infections are in reality VIRAL in temper. Antibiotics, therefore, will be of NO benefit whatsoever.

So have said all this, distribute it a couple of days. If you are seeing NO improvement step see an EYE doctor for diagnosis and treatment. Hope this helped.
Normally it take 3-6 days depending on dose and your infection. Please, don't stop taking the drops even if symptoms start disappearing.
about a daylight or two call your pharmacist they can narrate you for sure
It may take a couple of days. There are few if any, quickie cures within medicine.
Eye throbbing is pretty much the main symptom of an eye infection. I enjoy always have pain when I have an eye infection. I am wondering if you just enjoy a broken blood vessel in your eye. If you do, an antibiotic won't serve that.
I agree 100% with yagman! Sulfa drugs are smaller quantity effective than other, newer ophthalmic pharmaceuticals and enjoy a much higher incidence for allergy. Did the doctor palpitate your lymph nodes (feel around your cheek line and neck)? This is a righteous way to determine the root produce of the red eye. Did the doctor use a microscope to look at your eyes with special dyes to do away with other diagnoses? I highly recommend seeing an eye aid professional for any eye related problem...they have the erudition and equipment to best handle any eye problems.

P.S. The overuse/misuse of antibioitics similar to sulfacetamide has front to increased bacterial resistance...just look at the drug resistant TB within the news lately. Make sure you follow your doctors instructions and take the medication as directed.

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