Are Black Lights or UV Lights bad for your eyes?

I've been told that Black Lights (the type you see at party or bowling allies) are bad for your eyes - can ruin your sight over time. Is this true?

I'm thinking of getting some black lights for my room (I think they're funky). However, if they are going to ruin my eyes, I wouldn't consider it.

I checked Wikipedia, and it mentions that plentifully of UVB light is doomed to failure for you, but Black Lights are UVA light...? Are they doomed to failure for your eyes?

Can you help me out?

Answer:    Hello in that! Yes your right black lights are UVA or Longwave UV. Here is some info I found...
"UV-A - "longwave" UV, also known as blacklight, the principal type of UV in sunlight, responsible for skin tanning, largely not harmful, used surrounded by medicine to treat particular skin disorders"

"In general, UVA is the least possible harmful, but can contribute to the aging of skin, DNA bring down and possibly skin cancer. It penetrates deeply and does not inflict sunburn. Because it does not cause reddening of the skin (erythema) it cannot be measured surrounded by the SPF testing. There is no fitting clinical measurement of the blocking of UVA radiation, but it is prominent that sunscreen block both UVA and UVB."

I can't really make a decision call for you... but they are the tiniest damaging of the UV rays. As long as your not surrounded by the blacklight too much then you will probably be fine. Good luck near your decision :)
UV lights are fruitless because they can cause cataract in you eyes and you dont' want those. if black lights are UVA they would be smaller amount dangerous than UV lights. UVB are more unhygienic. i suggest you dont' get any
Apparently they are. Scroll down and you will see your answer.

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