How long does it take cataract to develop that you need surgery?

Answer:    Cataracts develop from a variety of reason, including long-term ultraviolet exposure, secondary effects of diseases such as diabetes, or simply due to advanced age; they are usually a result of denaturation of lens proteins. Genetic factor are often a effect of congenital cataracts and positive line history may also play a role in predisposing someone to cataract at an earlier age, a phenomenon of "anticipation" contained by pre-senile cataracts. Cataracts may also be produced by eye injury or physical trauma. A study among Icelandair pilots showed commercial airline pilots as three times more feasible to develop cataracts than ethnic group with non-flying job. This is thought to be caused by excessive exposure to radiation coming from outer space. Cataracts are also unusually adjectives in individuals exposed to infrared radiation, such as glassblowers who suffer from "exfoliation syndrome". Exposure to microwave radiation can cause cataract.

Cataracts may be partial or complete, stationary or progressive, hard or soft.

Some drugs can induce cataract nouns:

There are various types of cataract, e.g. nuclear, cortical, mature, hypermature. Cataracts are also classified by their location, e.g. posterior (classically due to steroid use) and anterior (common (senile) cataract related to aging).

Cataracts are the primary cause of blindness within the world.

In the United States, age-related lenticular changes enjoy been reported surrounded by 42% of those between the ages of 52 to 64, 60% of those between the ages 65 and 74, and 91% of those between the ages of 75 and 85.
they have to ripen and you can only just see anything out of the eye ,then they will fix it
Well you own to have a complete eye exam every year and your eye doctor own to evaluate when is the best time to have that surgery if your own cataracts. Ger your eyes tested every year it is for your own perfect. Good Luck.
There are multiple types of cataracts and cataract grow at different speeds. So depending on the type of cataract you develop and the speed with which it develops, will determine when you will requirement cataract surgery to remove it.

For most older ancestors, (who have medicare as their primary insurance) they hold to wait until their delusion is at least 20/50 or worse. This is the standard at which medicare will salary to have cataract surgery perform.

Some cataracts develop intensely slowly and may not be ready for surgery for years. Some cataract grow rapidly and may grow to surgery geared up in as little as 3 months. Some those have cataract that grow so slowly that they may never need the surgery.

There are of late alot of factors concerning cataract, and to be more detailed you have to know the type of cataract and how swiftly it seems to be growing.
Cataracts are commonly age-related or degenerative. Similar to white pelt, wrinkles and degenerative arthrirtis. Some people attain white hair rash, some people don't. The same is true for most family and cataracts.

However, at hand are some environmetal factors such as exposure to radiation, corticosteroids, diabetes mellitus, trauma, etc that can speed up the formation of cataract.

It's difficult to say, exactly how long.

As for the indication for surgery, I other ask my patient if they're have a difficult time doing their day to afternoon activities. FUNCTIONAL IMPAIRMENT is the best indication for cataract surgery.

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