Starburst vision?

at night, above all while i'm driving, all the street lights and headlights and whatnot are intensely blurry. they all look approaching starbursts. it makes it really difficult when i'm driving and give me headaches. what is this and can i fix it?

Answer:    Get an eye exam it's nouns like you might hold an astigmatism. They also offer this great product call non glare pr anti-reflective coating explicitly designed to reduce the starburst effects of hours of darkness driving. I swear by it.
You need to see an optometrist not Yahoo.
Do you wear goggles? If you do, get an antireflection coating on your lenses to stifle glare. This coating really help with darkness driving. Check out this link. it have an illustration that shows you the difference at night when using the antireflection coating and not using it... fairly a difference

"Studies have shown that a clear, anti-reflective coating applied to spectacle lenses nearly eliminate reflections at darkness. These reflections are cause by passing cars, street lights and other restrained sources. By simply applying a protective coating to your eyewear more light can go beyond through the lens, thus providing greater image contrast and clearer figment of the imagination."
If you do not wear glasses you may want to get hold of an eye exam just surrounded by case you call for a slight correction. If you still don't need any correction gain a pair of non prescription specs with this coating it will really lend a hand!
Talk to your local eye care professional in the order of it :)
Try going to the eye doctor you may need some specs when driving esp at night :)
dutiful luck!

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