Pain when I move my eyes?


for the finishing couple of days, I've had a awfully sore, almost excrutiating pain surrounded by my eyes and sockets whenever I move my eyes to the left and right more than basically slightly. It's almost a fist clutching pain and it sends a shock of headache in my director.

I would say it started a couple night ago after I threw up. While in the middle, I saw 'stars' or spots. I threw up because I be eating and a friend showed me a disgusting picture. Ah, it brings spinal column horrors now.

Anyways, any info and insight would be awesome.


Answer:    As you threw up, you put alot of pressure on your eyes and eye sockets. Keep them lubricated with artificial tears to assistance soothe the pain and run tylenol extra-strength. If it persists after a few days, dance see an ophthalmologist.
jessica, pain contained by the eye with a red eye, optical difficulties could suggest an infection but simple pain could expect nothing. I would suggest to see a doctor for a detailed eye exam so that he/she can ensure the abscence of a concern, fitting luck

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