Contact lenses?

HI, I am trying contact lenses, they are great but how do you inform if they are the right way round (using day by day disposables) ? also when you take them out of the pack, are they the right approach round ? and also I can really feel them for the first few hours, is this usual ?

Answer:    its quite difficult to see the right approach round. They do usually have a slight brim, but I still cant see it and I enjoy been wearing them for years. The best entry is once they are in comfortably, blink a few times, if they are inside out they will move just about on your eye. If they feel gritty, your probably taking too long to put them contained by so they are gathering c**p on them. Give them a dip contained by the saline solution. You can buy comfort drops from the chemist, make sure they are suitable for lens wearers. A couple of drips will run away that gritty feel until you go and get used to them. If your eyes are streaming when you put them in, unambiguous a window and put your boss outside or step in the garden. the extra oxygen help calm them
if you hold them within the palm of your hand they should be approaching a perfect circle on the rims if they are inside out they will look a bit floppy or not as round!! you will procure used to them i have have them for years
if you put the contact lens on your finger hold it up to the light and it should hold a 123 on it. the 123 goes on the out side. that's how you convey if your putting them in right or not
They should be the right path round from the packet but to check look at side on profile and they should be perfect shape. If they are enjoy a little rim they are inside out.

I reckon after a couple of weeks the discomfort will go.
You inevitability to get used to them and next you wont know they are in.
Good luck XX.
If you hold the contact lens on the tip of your finger, it will look even to the top if it is the right approach. If it is the wrong way, the top will look as though within is a lip on it.
The only time I own problems feeling my lenses surrounded by my eyes are when they are in the wrong mode, getting older and need to be replaced, or, when I was given the wrong shape for my eyes by mistake.
If you find your eyes aren't comfortable when first putting within the lenses, I put a little bit of saline on my finger and mop it into the corner of my eye to add a bit more lubrication. This seem to help.
You can share from the shape of the lenses when you see it sideways. The right way is that it should enjoy a 'rounded bowl-like shape" before you insert it into your eye.
They are not necessarily contained by the right way out from the pack.
If you still can touch them after a few hours, then you might hold purchased the wrong type of lenses.
You need to buy and try different brands to gain a comfortable one for yourself.Get the trial packs from the optical shops up to that time you buy the full supply.Its cheaper that way.
I've never be able to spot the difference, but if I put them within and they feel "funny" later I usually reckon that they are the wrong way round and lug them out and turn them inside out.
I'm going to look for the 123 mentioned above next time I put afterwards in.
You shouldn't perceive a thing excluding perhaps a severely mild feeling of in that being something nearby which should fade within moments.
If this is not the overnight case it means that you are doing something wrong such as have bits of fibre on your fingers from wipe your hands on a "wooly" or similar something since touching the lens and thus you will have something surrounded by your eye.
Take it out, rinse it with solution, including your fingers and stick it rear in.
The course to tell if you are inserting your contact lens correctly, is to put your contact between your pointer finger and your thumb. Push the contact together, so that it folds approaching a taco shell. If the contact folds back over your thumb and pointer finger, later that means that the contact is on the wrong side. If the sides get together, like a taco shell afterwards that means your contact is on the correct side.

Being that you are a clean contact lens wearer, it is normal to have a feeling the contact. You eyes have to adjust to have something foreign in them.

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Hi, when lenses are the correct course they will look like a bowl turned upside down,when they are inside out they will own a little rim around the top.A good track to tell is too place the lense on the tip of your finger and whip a close look at it,then turn it inside out and steal another close look at it, you will soon be able to recount the difference.They are usually the correct way but It's other best to check first. It's normal to have a feeling them in your eyes at first your eyes are adjust to them that's all.Try putting a couple of drops of eye drops ( for contact lenses) onto the quantity that touches your eye before you insert them this will give a hand. I've worn contact lenses for 15 years.If you need anymore help out anytime email me.
They should look like a bowl when contained by the tip of your finger, if they kind of "V' out they are inside out, also alot of them own nmarkings in them. You hae to look really close but right along the margin my Oasys lenses have 123 printed on them and if they are inside out it is backwards. My prehistoric baush & Lomb lenses had B&L on the creep. Also if you put them in backwards it will grain liek you have something contained by your eye or they will come out when you blink.

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