Why do my eyes get blurry sometimes but after it goes away?

Sometimes when im at school my eyes go and get a little blurry but i have purfect vision in the past.

Answer:    there could be masses reasons...in that could be dirt in your eyes.you could be tierd..cause your eyes to strain making the blurry affect, u could have allergies..or lighting change....people beside 20/20 eyes can get blurry to it dosent meen that ur eyesight is gettin worse it could but it somtimes doseent i enjoy 20/10 and my eyes..get blurry adjectives the time usually do to som of those reasons.
i thnk u should acquire ur eyes checked
somtimes happens to me too when im running to institution
You may be losing your eye sight. Now you do not in recent times wake up in the future and it is gone, but it slowly fads, and sometimes can bring moments of blurriness. I would suggest a trip to an eye doctor, tell them what have been going one, and enjoy them check your sight again. Best of luck, hope things budge well!!
You probably own Allegeries.
It could be lost of sight or "EYE BOOGERS".LOL
Like any other muscles, the 'ciliary muscle' which focusses your eye can become tired. It will stop working until its 'grip' returns. This is only like if you're holding tightly onto something, and you eventually own to let budge and shake your hand for a while. Then you can find on with the charge again.

It's the most likely motive of what you describe, and is nothing to verbs about, unless it's going on frequently. You could close your eyes for a few minutes and relax your face when you experience it, and offer the muscles a chance to rest.

If it is taking place a lot, it would be worth getting it checked out medically, for reassurance that it's not a signal of something serious.
Off& On blurring may be essentially due to 2 reasons...simply it may be of refractive errors especially astigmatism...or presbyopia(not competent to read small prints near)secondly little serious that of a recurring inflammation similar to Uveitis macular edema etc...Better to check with your local eye doctor for an impulsive solution and safe guard of your precious eyes..
Best wishes
Same article happens to me, I'll jsut be chitchat to someone when everything goes style of black and blurry than it goes rear legs to normal but i receive a pang of headache.
i did that and found out that be headaches another form of it.but, don't over look anything do progress to the eye dr. and start there and draw from a ck-up .
i'd go to the optitials. i carry blurred eyes and red vision until that time i have a migrane.
se your optician it could be lots. it is unlikely to be anything wrong next to your ciliary muscle. you probably have a problem near your tears. some people hold a problem with the liquid phase of their tear picture drying and causeing blurred vision, rubbing your eyes sometimes make it go away. If not try blinking exercises (altough these once in a blue moon work for very long) and use eye drops and don't drink too much cider on a academy night.

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