My eye is really red after sleeping with contacts contained by?

but merely one eye is red. and i think it also kinda hurts and is irritated, especially when contained by more light. what do i do? what happen?

Answer:    Your eyes need moisture and oxygen.When you wear contacts your eyes don't recieve these on the covered nouns.The longer they are worn the less they seize,how much and what this does to your eyes varies from human being to person.30 afternoon contacts allow more air to return with to the covered part of your eye,but some ethnic group who have chronic dry eyes still can't capture away with wearing them more afterwards 8 hours.If someone continuously wears contacts short giving their eyes time to get nouns the blood vessels surrounded by your eyes will actually grow around the edges of where on earth the lense sits and give you permenant bloodshoty eyes.I know this disastrously,from experience.Flush your eyes with saline and appropriate some time off from your contacts for a daytime or two.If they don't improve cranium to an eye doctor and get some antibiotic drops.The table lamp sensitivity has other gone along with an eye infection,at most minuscule in me individually.You contact may have dried and scratched your cornea a bit while sleeping.Your eyes may not be equally artificial,you might have get away with the other eye.
You are not supposed to sleep next to contacts on, even with the ones that influence you can. Your eyes need a break at darkness, and besides, you don't need them to sleep.
Don't sleep next to your contacts in...
Take your contacts out
your not supposed to sleep next to them in . jump to the eye doctor.. it can get really unpromising!!:(
I have contacts and i noe that ur not supposed to wear them when sleeping even a siesta ur not supposed to! duh think lol!
it should run away

if not within a day or two, I would see a doctor
What knid of dummy are you? Didn't your eye doctor recount you not to sleep with contacts IN!! if they didnt sue them( not really lead to you don't have solid proof).
Your eyes probably grasp dry. maybe you sleep on your facade, stomach. Bed lint could be causing it. i sleep beside mine in, enjoy for years. I sometimes wake beside dry eyes and as soon as I put a drop in they are ok. Your eyelids are closed and probably put pressure on the contacts and move them from where on earth they should be. Maybe you are one of the people who shouldn't. We are not adjectives alike in spite of what some nuts claim after reading some of the answers here I am surprised to cram there are so heaps dumb, opinionated people..
Sometimes you can be so tired that you forget to help yourself to your contact lenses out. When that happens and they catch red and sore you should help facility the dryness with over the counter eye drops. Pick out a biddable brand. And skip wearing your contacts today. Wear your glasses instead (you should other have a stern up pear of glasses a short time ago in case). Put the eye drops contained by and then put a heat up wet clean rag over your eyes and close them and lay down for roughly speaking 10 minutes, this should help out seriously. But it may take a sunshine or two for the redness and soreness to gain better.
When you sleep in contacts your eyes lose oxygen, they become dry and when you try to adjust them (after mortal stuck to your eye), you can scratch your eye. This is bleeding, and the reason it hurts to look at the insubstantial. I wear contacts and have done this in the past also. It is best not to sleep in them even if you own the extended wear ones. I didnt learn until I scratched the cornea, have to wear a patch for several days and got an infection within the scratch. It can be serious, use lots of drops and if it become unbearable dance to the doctor.
The contacts suffocated the natural eye while u be sleeping. The outer layer of your eye have dried up. Take out those contacts, wear a pair of eyeglasses and place some lubricate drops in both eyes. if u r still premonition discomfort, say six hrs latter, go see an eye doctor. You could hold an infection.
You're not supposed to sleep with your contacts within. Even if you do it on accident you inevitability to take them out the minute you take up. You might have an infection, step see your eye doctor. If you have an infection you're going to own wear glasses so the infection can restore to health.

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