What causes a capillary to burst in your eye?

I recently have a tiny vein that burst surrounded by my eye, and it stayed red for a week. I had not strained myself, and own never experienced this before. The just thing out of the dull is my allergies have be out of control lately and my contacts enjoy been discomfited. I popped in and asked my optomotrist if I could still wear my contacts and she said yes and be not concerned, but she was within such a hurry I did not get to ask her what might own caused this.

This is almost other a "just happens".
Unless there's some other factor, close to a recent knock to the head, pre-existing conditions or medication...
No behaviour is required.

A *whole crop of them*, like a load of nose-bleeds, should prompt some basic blood checks... pressure, too tacky, too thin...?

And constipation, "Straining at stool", *is* a recognised mete out!
straining really hard while trying to give somebody a lift a dump
Could be a number of things. Lack of oxgyen or soaring blood pressure. Should contact your regular doc to check you out.

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