What is definition of hazel eye color...?

Mine are green, next to a brown edge away from the pupil.
Is that the definition of hazel?

Hazel eyes are due to a combination of a Rayleigh scattering and a moderate amount of melanin surrounded by the iris' anterior border layer.A number of studies using three-point scales own assigned "hazel" to be the medium-color between brown and dark brown.[This can sometimes produce a multicolored iris, i.e., an eye that is to say brown near the pupil and charcoal or amber on the outer sector of the iris when it is open to the elements of the sun/shined within the sunlight. Hazel is mostly found in the regions of South and East European nation and Britain.
A green-brown human iris displaying a brown center and a green edge. This type of iris, although special, is often also call hazel.
There is some difficulty in defining the eye color "hazel" as it is sometimes considered to be synonymous near brown and other times with green. They enjoy been described as wishy-washy brown or yellowish brown, or as a lighter shade of brown. Hazel eyes have also be described as being equivalent to a menacing black or charcoal-colored/light black eyes. In North America, "hazel" is often used to describe eyes that transmute color, ranging from oil lamp brown to green and even blue, depending on what color clothing the person is wearing or what color is predominant contained by their immediate environment. (Eyes that variation only between blue and green are not call "hazel"; the term lone describes changeable eye color that includes a brownish shade inwardly its range.)
Yeah probably mine are similar to that
yep. a combination of brown/green is considered hazel. actually, i've hear it refered to as -hazel green.

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