Are my glasses supposed to be so blurry on the sides?

I just get new goggles and have be wearing them for 3 days now. When I first put them on, I have trouble adjusting to them. I couldn't see that all right. I normally use contacts. But, I don't ever remember have to adjust to my glasses when I used to wear them regularly around 10 years ago.

Even though in a minute I have in tune moderately to the glasses, I still enjoy the major problem that they bother me on the sides. If I don't look directly into the center of the goggles, then it is blurry. It get worse as I look to the sides.

This has be hard to capture used to, but should I be gettting used to this in the first place? I thought most of the lens should be clear. It is difficult singular being competent to see clearly in such a small amount of space. I also own had trouble adjust between the indoors, the outside and the computer.

When I recently put on my contacts again, I have trouble adjusting to them again and have a headache.

Any suggestions?

Answer:    Great question hum but not a great situation to be within your eyes are either to sensitive to your foreign glasses or the specs are a grade two your options and parley to them about because it may exact damage to your eyes.
Go vertebrae to your eye doctor and talk to them going on for it. That doesn't sound common at all. They are supposed to work next to you until you find what works best for you. You don't want to mess around with your verbs.
thats really odd
perchance ur eyes just want a break
have you done anything lately that might enjoy been strenuos to them?
otherwise, psyche say a moment ago go yak to ur eye doctor
tell him whats going on and he can probably backing!
its one thing for clothes not to fit, but if the eyes arent right, thats something you cant fix

hope i help!
no maybe ur perscription is the wrong variety
The higher your prescription, the smaller the nouns of the lens that provides the right Rx. So, while you may have be -1.00 10 years ago, you may be -5.00 now and that make a huge difference.

Also, choosing a larger frame causes you to hold more outer-edge lens distortion.
This depends on the type of lens you have, and your prescription. Higher prescriptions tend to be close to this, and also, the thinner the lens material is, the more potential this is to happen too. Next time, ask for an aspheric lens, as these tend to be smaller quantity blurry toward the edges. Also, make sure you return with anti glare coating, as this make the blurring around the edges less apparent.
It sounds like you hold a high RX. When you go and get High index or poly lenses the focal point of the lens is clear and you get distortion as you move out. A smaller lens will oblige, but being a CL Wearer the with the sole purpose way to completely adjust is wear them. We are creatures of quirk, and wearing them will get you used to them
Sounds similar to you have a progressive lens. If so you can wear them for distance, mid field and reading. Try to think of it resembling are looking through a channel. Anything contained by the peripheral delusion will be distorted, so to look to the left or to the right you enjoy to point your nose and look. Let your eyes do the work for you. If you hold to move your head up and down consequently bring them to be adjusted. It's disappointed that your optician let you amble out with out explaining the lens to you. If you are sitting at your computer and own to move your head, try adjust your chair. You should not call for a neck brace after wearing a progressive lens! Good luck and sunny seeing
Get the prescription glasses rechecked and procure a second opinion on your eye exam. You have need of to tell them any problems you hold with both far and to hand sight and tolerate them know that you are at the computer a lot.

That much info they can re-adjust your eyeglasses and the prescription should be more accurate for you.

The sight problem on the sides indicates a poor prescription or the lenses be improperly ground for your finicky vision desires.
You have to continually wear your eyeglasses to get used them. If you rob them off and on and switch spinal column and forth between contacts your eyes will never adjust. I would wear them for at least 2 weeks straight. Yes it is typical to have blurriness on the sides. Eye goggles are made to have the focal point be on the front( that's why the Dr measures the distance between your pupils). The bluriness will oscillate depending on what type of glasses you have(i.e. single sight, bi-focals). Bifocals, trifocals, progressive lenses, and High power lenses will be more blurry on the sides. If you wear them for a couple weeks and don't adjust to them at all later take them back-the eyeglasses need to be re-done.
turn back to the eye doctor that prescribed them

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