I woke up in the morning and my right eye be glued shut, I get it open and my eye is red?

it's been red for a few hours, is it pink eye?

Answer:    Those be my first symptoms of pinkeye...bacterial variety...I developed wishy-washy sensitivity and serious itching a bit later contained by the day.

Go to your domestic doctor who can take a look and achieve you some either/or antibiotic eye drops or viral...depending on what he/she sees.
yeah, you might hold pink eye, but if you're a contact lens wearer and fell asleep with em it could be a spot developing. there's more to the ulcer factor, but that is if you wear contacts.
Yes, sounds approaching pink eye to me - Make sure when you wash your eye..not to use that cloth on your other eye, or you will get it contained by there...
You requirement to go to the doctor to grasp medicine for it... if you wear contacts - you will obligation to quit wearing them- and throw them away- and do not put them- only bright contacts when its completely gone - or you will be wasting another set of contacts, and it will never go away.
run to the doctor right away to get it over next to...and, make sure to other wash your hand..

COMMENT:: for the one that said it hurts to look at the light - actually- that does NOT take place..it doesn't hurt. It doesn't hurt --- thats normal - it does not hurt - its a moment ago irritating have your eyes sticky and paste shut in the morning. - oh, and it looks gross too - red eyes.
If your eye is crusty and it hurts to look at wispy, it might be. I would suggest going to an eye doctor right away because when I got pink eye it traveled to my other eye and it take a while to go away.
It sounds resembling you have pink eye. If that's the valise a good bearing to take vigilance of it is by worming up a cup of water for something like a minute and a half. Put within a tea packet and use an eye dropper and put like three drops(while the wet is warm) in respectively eye every couple of minutes do at least nine drops total. You can do more if you close to. Do it in the morning and at darkness before bed. it will run about two days or more.
Good luck.
i guess you may have pink eye.you can bring it if you went to the bathroom and didn't swab your hands properly.

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