What is the stringy slimey stuff that gets into eyes? And what cause it?

I suggest that I have duplicate stuff...my friend is a doctor here in Alabama, and I asked him give or take a few it. You can pull it out of your eye and it strings out on your finger. It is not as gross as it sounds. It is purely your bodys way of aggression infection in your eye..its almost similar to sleep in your eye when you stir up in the morning. He said it be just my allergies and in attendance was nil that I needed to do about it, unless it get uncomfortable or kept me from seeing powerfully....
Eye boogies? I believe it is just an throng of dirt and debris that the eyelashes capture...after all it is the livelihood of the eyelash to protect the eye from this matter. Just as feeler hairs are to keep hold of debris from getting inside the naval cavity and developing infections. I'm not a Dr... this is merely a guesstimation.
Eye mucus. It is cause by grime in your eyes and is extremely adjectives in eye-infections
It is cut of the mucus layer surrounded by the eye that helps the tears stay within the eye. Do not worry...you're not have any problems unless you have throbbing and redness (symptoms of pinkeye or other eye infections). When near is something that the tears are not washing away, the mucus lode helps by trapping the irritant and moving it to the corners of our eyes.

It's not that it get into your eyes...it is there to oblige the tears work better.

The article below (though from a LASIK website) describes dry eye syndrome, one of the common non-infectious mucus producing conditions. The second box on tears is the most explanatory that I could find online.

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