The whites of my eyes are slighly yellow/off white. What causes this and is nearby anything that can treat it?

too heaps normal cause before you get jaundice so go gain checked and if the eye doctor recommend blood testing do it
best of luck
Id carry it checked out, its a sign of hepatitis.
is this a new article for you? or is it normal for you? yellowing of the eyes mechanism liver problems ..... go to the dr.
so you smoke? conceivably that is a factor. you should check near your pyhsician
how long have they be that way? The most serious item that would cause i.e. Hepatitis (resulting in Jaundice), and smaller amount serious (but not to be taken lightly) is Jaundice (without having Hepatitis). Both are liver disorders, so I suggest you see a doctor soon.
one of my relatives have this happen and she have jundice its caused from something out of action properly in your liver.
If you own any other "yellowing" like on your should definately jump to your doctor for some lab work. This may be jaundice caused by a liver disorder. It hopefully won't be anything, but don't tolerate it go...a early visit to your doctor might prevent complications. obedient luck !
Do you smoke?
Do you have jaundice?
Do you own hepititus?
Sometimes the whites of the eyes can appear a little yellowish when someone have liver dysfunction, known as jaundice. It may worthwhile to enjoy a physical exam with your doctor and to include blood test that test your liver function to be not dangerous.

If the blood tests are OK, it can be due to a slight increase surrounded by melanin, or brown pigmentation, on the whites of the eyes. This is normal especially surrounded by dark skinned individuals of African descent, where on earth there is more melanin throughout the body. Some ethnic group even appear to have brown patch on the whites of their eyes too.

If you have not have an eye examination surrounded by the last 12 months, it is notably recommended that you do so. Just because we have no complaints roughly speaking our vision and do not perceive any discomfort of the eyes does not mean at hand are not eye problems lurking that require attention..

The best example of hidden eye diseases is glaucoma, which usually exists as a painless loss of divergent vision. It may not spawn itself known to those beside the condition until they are more than 80% blind. Certain individuals are more at risk for this, for example African-Americans.

If you value using your mirage for the rest of your life, after be sure to get a regularly programmed eye exam. You don't have the dominance of replacement spare parts for your eyes, so you need to preserve what you've get. A vision screening at the RMV or looking at a wall chart at your regular doctor's bureau will not properly check your eye health. Look up an Optometrist surrounded by your area to protect your number one sense - your reverie. Good luck !
Sounds like hepititis ~ you better attain that check out quick! Not something you want to mess around beside!
Every time someone posts on that they have "pallid eyes", 50 posters yell that they hold liver problems and "jaundice" and suggest an emergent/immediate visit to the E.R. or anything.

Fact is true jaundice in the eyes is correctly rare. I've be practicing 7 years and I've *never* seen it within any patient's eyes. The chances of an otherwise respectable person have enough liver problems to acquire wan eyes is in my estimation extremely low. People beside liver problems generally hold many more symptoms and more condition problems than just "yellow" contained by their eyes. By the time they are jaundiced, they usually already know they have liver problems.

Of course the with the sole purpose way to notify what you really have i.e. making your eyes yellow is to see an optometrist or ophthalmologist. So if your eyes look "yellow" to you, you probably requirement an eye examination. Actually you manifestly would need an eye exam, b/c while I individually think jaundice is dying out, it is a fairly serious condition so you'd want to rule that out 1st.

But IMO the massive majority of people who complain roughly having "sickly eyes" have "pingueculae", not jaundice:

A pinguecula is an inflammatory response usually from UV exposure. It is not usually uncertain. There are no eyedrops to make a pinguecula smaller amount yellow, the solely real treatment is surgical excision.

So while "jaundice" is possible, as adjectives these other posters suggest, in an otherwise nutritious person it is pretty darned unlikely IMO. Much, Much more potential to be PINGUECULAE. You probably need an eye exam 1st, until that time you rush off to hold blood testing assuming liver dysfunction.
You're probably simply tired. I experience that on and off the clock. If you realise, your eyes turn yellowish when you don't acquire enough sleep, are on the comp for too long or enjoy overworked. Get some shut eye, and then look surrounded by the mirror. They'll be white again. (:

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