Just got contacts today.. trouble getting them out..?

I jsut got contacts today. They skilled me how to get them out, and try ti a few times, but very soon I can't do it! Any tips to get them out? They're soft lenses.

Answer:    I remember the first time I took out my contacts by myself, it took me FOREVER. Now I do it in need even thinking...
For me, it helps if my fingers are totally dry - if they are moisten, my fingers just float over the lens and I can't get it stale my eye.
I'm right handed and I hold to physically hold my eye open to bring back my contacts out. I use my left foot to hold my top lid up and the middle finger of my right hand to hold the bottom lid down. Then I use my right thumb and index finger to considerate of pinch the lens off my eye.
Hope that help!
I had a concrete time with this too, when I first get contacts. what I always do is unambiguous my eyes up really big and then use my eyelids to kindly of like pry the contact out. Basically, I put my right paw index finger on the top lid and my right hand thumb on the bottom lid, while my eyes are begin wide, consequently apply some pressure (ie push your eye into your head a little) while bringing my lid together. The lens will kind of squish out between your eye lid. This has other worked for me in times gone by, though sometimes I have to do it a few times for the lens to come out.

If to be precise the method that your doctor taught you, next just try pushing your eye for a time harder. But not too hard.

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