Amoxicillin for Pink Eye?

I have Pink Eye within both eyes. I am missing work. I have Amoxicillin 500mg andd be wondering if I took it every 4 hours would it clear up my pink eye faster?

Answers:    No.

If you want to take anything you stipulation topical antibiotics (ie. applied to the affected area). There is evidence that proves that conjunctivitis (or pink eye) does not clear up any quicker by using antibiotics. Just save the eye clean by wash with thaw out water. Don't share towels to prevent infecting other society and re-infecting yourself.

You should always cart every anti-biotic that you are prescribed, you should always lift the full course, you should never have departed overs because you should never stop taking them before they are adjectives gone. This is what is causing us to become resistant to the anti-biotics, if everyone does this next anti-biotics will stop working. Just thought you should know that too.
if the amoxicillin is left over from something else, I would not suggest taking it, you won't hold a full course and that could result in a resitance build up by the organism. Besides, pink eye is a local infection and does not respond to oral antibiotics. If you want something for that appointment your doc and ask for drops. But if you simply apply a warm washclothe every hour or so, it will clear up by itself. It is a self limiting infectious process.
For the millionth time, antibiotics will do NOTHING for traditional "pink eye". It is almost other VIRAL. What will an anti-bacterial medication do to a virus? Zip. I don't care if you run it orally, topically or if you go in swimming in it. It will do nil.
you need an unguent to help clear it up.

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