Can I Switch My Contact Lenses Brand?

Hi, my doctor prescribed me with Freshlook Handling Tint, and if you are familiar beside the base curve and diameter of this product, then you know that they lone come in 8.6 and 14.5. Well I am interested in switching my brand of contacts and getting Frequency 55 Aspheric. However I notice the base curve and diameter is either 8.4 or 8.7 and the diameter is fixed at 14.4

Will this impose any damaging affects to my eyes, and do i need to inform my eye doctor almost a change in brands? I plan on order these online. Also should I get a diameter of 8.4 or 8.7?

Answers:    As both of the answers above me are correct. The Fairness to Contact Lens Act ( which is a Federal Law) requires every contact retailer to verify your prescription and if they prescription does not match exactly to what the doctor as written, Brand, Base Curve, Diameter, and Prescription. Then they own to have you replace your order to clash the prescription. If you are not fitted for a certain contact lens and you wear it it can cause wreck to your eye. If the ones you are wearing are not working for you you will need to contact your doctor and be fitted for the different brand. Some doctors have a policy that if you come back near in a certain time I.E. 30 sunshine or 90 days, that they will refit you at no cost. Unfortuantely not every doctor has a policy like this so the may charge you for a full exam again to find this done. If your doctor does this, 1800 Contacts has a program, where they can find a doctor in the vicinity you that wont charge an arm and a leg for an exam. You just have to dispense them a call and they will help you out next to that.
You have to be fitted with a different brand first at your Dr's and achieve a prescription for them.

Switching brands sometimes gives a complete different fit on your eye, even when the curve and diameter are the same.

You can't newly decide on your own to switch brands.

The online site has to telephone your Dr. to verify the validity of the prescription first anyway, so they won't send them if it wasn't approved.
You must enjoy a prescription to change brands. As footprint stated, the site is required to contact your doctor to verify it. Best to call your doctor and ask to be refit. shd be ok. can try it out for a trial two of a kind.

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