Can you drive after have your eyes dilated by an ophthamologist?

I'm going to be dilated on Monday morning at 8:30... and the doctor's office said I'd be good to travel at 10:00... but they warned me that my eyes might stay dilated for five hours. Does that mean I can't drive? Can you still see if your eyes are dilated?

Answers:    Most citizens can drive afterwards. It only affects the distance prescription a little, except for nation who are young and far-sighted. It may change the figment of the imagination as the focusing system is temporarily suspended. I will ask those patients to come back with a driver or appropriate eye goggles with which to drive home. You will need sunglasses as you will be sensitive to standard lamp afterward.
Yes you will just be sensitive to sunlight and you will have a complicated time reading up close. I work at an optometrists office and we dilate every patient every year. Oh yea and also it depends on the color of your eyes to how much and how long you will be dilated, lighter eyes dilate more and for longer and muddy eyes not as much and shorter time. It is normal to suggest you don't drive, after dilation. But it does depend on your normal delirium. If you are short sighted it would make things a little more blurred. Also you will be more sensative to oil lamp until the pupil contracts again. I have had it done and driven home clearly well. Its largely a matter of adjectives sense.
You can still see after having your eyes dilated however your depth perception and peripheral mirage won't be as sharp. Also bright light will HURT. Be sure you have on the shadowy black sun shield they will give you before going outside. You will be capable of drive just be more cautious than usual. Yes, they give you those huge cardboard sunglasses. You can still see. I drove.

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