Can you wear contacts if one eye is stronger than the other?

i dont know my exact eye vision but im 14-16 years old and one of my eyes are weaker when the other one is close to 20/20. so can i still wear contacts? and you know how with glasses they trade name your eyes magnified? would contacts do that too? (i wouldnt want that when one eye is stonger and one is weaker when i had glasses it looked vastly weird one eye was huge and the other be smaller..embarassing.)

Answers:    Yes you can still wear contacts. They can make the strength of each contact different. My eyes are of like weakness in respectively eye. For my husband, one eye is weaker than the other. When you get the contact case, it will hold a "L" for left eye and an "R" for right eye. You just enjoy to make sure you put the correct contact in the correct spot (Left or Right). With eyeglasses, yes your eyes look different behind the lenses. With contacts, it's not like that because the contact sits resting on your pupil. It doesn't make your eyes huge or anything!
Yes you can, your eye doctor will order for you the right strength of contacts for respectively eye. Usually they put a sticker that says R on it on the box you will need to use for your right eye so that you dont grasp them confused.
Contacts dont make your eyes look bigger or funnier like goggles do. I have bad eyesight and I love my contacts. yes, the doctor, will supply you a two contacts each will have a different perscription, so construct sure when you talk them out, you put them in the correct spot.
Yes you can. If one eye really is dependable, then your doctor might only grant you one contact, but I'm not positive. But many people's contacts are different strengths. yea. they have you prescription surrounded by them. so since your eyez are diff there'll be one contact especially for the left, and another for the right.
Of course you can. Most people own a different prescription for each eye. if you feel approaching it you can
Yes, you get a prescription for each individual eye. Many culture do. Yes. Its typical with most people to enjoy one eye stronger than the other.
yea u can.
one of my eyes is stronger than the other too.
each contact just have a different prescription.
yes yup!
yep. my good friend does. she just buys one box for respectively eye hahaha you could wear one contact, or an eyepatch over the 'weak' one!

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