Contact lens keep floating to top of eyelid?

Well lately, my contact lens on my right eye has been strange. My contact keep floating upward and doesn't stay in the center like it should. It's be like this for a couple of weeks now. I've replaced my lenses, but it keep happening. Anyone know what's wrong?

Answers:    It could be inside out...if you've tried flipping it over and it's no better, then here may be a condition known as GPC (giant papillary conjunctivitis). This makes for rubbery bumps on the backbone of your eyelid that grab the lens and pull it up when you blink. It is a form of allergy that contact lens wearers can develop. Do your eyes itch or generate you want to rub them when you remove your contact lenses? This is a sign of GPC. At any rate, you should see your eye doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.
Usually, when that happens to me, it's because of dryness of the eye. My doctor told me not to hang around contained by air conditioning. It totally depends on your environment. who knoes... go see the eye docter

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