Difference between 8.4 stand curve and 8.6 for contacts?

my perscription is 8.4 but i want these cool circled contacts that have a base curve of 8.6. is it okay of late to get them. I mean does it relaly sort that much of a difference .2?

Answers:    Sometimes it does make a big differecnce. The base curve is how the contact fits your eye and rides on your cornea. If the floor curve is not the right size, your contacts may move more than norm ally do and may not feel as comfortable. It may work, but understand why if it doesn't.
Going from an 8.4 to an 8.6 contained by the SAME brand doesn't work...but in a different brand, it might work.

You have roughly a 50/50 chance that they will fit right.

It depends if you were at the big end or the low end of the height that determined the 8.4...which is something you wouldn't know, and we can't guess at.

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