I poked my eye beside a mascara wand?

I'm 13 years old and I was just playing around near my make-up. I was putting on mascara and I accidentally poked my eye with it. My eye started to crack up. I washed it with water and put eye drops within. There is no pain or anything wrong but I feel as though there is. Am I basically being paranoid?
You may have scratched the eye a little. Give it a few days to heal.
Yes, you're mortal paranoid. Mascara is okay to poke your eyes with every once in a while. If it could really hurt your eyes, it wouldn't be on the market. You'll be fine. Be more thrifty =]
Things to look for:
1. Pain is a sign of something wrong. Pain after a blunt injury to the eye, such as a mascara wand, could be a corneal abrasion that untreated could progress to a corneal ulcer.
2. Bacterial Conjunctivitis. It is not uncommon for eye pencils and mascara wand, eye shadows and such, to have bacteria, since they are repeatedly used on the skin for weeks maybe months. If a discharge or continuous tear result a day or two after the injury, go see a eye care physician.
ANSWER: You did the right piece irrigating your eye, and applying sterile artificial tears or lubricating drops. You cant know with absolute certainty next to out an eye doctors examination, but in the absence of misery, vision loss or discharge your MORE THAN LIKELY left uninjured. Do consult a physician if any of the above symptoms arise.
no your fine

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