I roll my eyes unintetionally how do stop?

its forever getting me in trouble my teachers think im cheeky and my parents focus im rude xx
rolling your eyes is something you do out of habit. It's become an instant reaction for you. If you really wanna stop you will eventually. You only just have to get used to not doing it. The only opening is to always be aware, always be thinking I'm not gonna roll my eyes no matter what. You'll slip up a couple of times, remember not to a couple of times, and eventually "see the habit".

_Secret_Angel_3 =3
Practice staring people in the eye in need rolling it. You can turn your head but don't move your eyes. If you do move your eyes, make sure it's not a roll, but more of a look-away kind of movement.

And when you look away, don't look too far a opening, just glance a little bit away. Like you can look away from their eyes and peep at their mouth or their ear or something. But don't look away as if your eyes are making a 180 degree turn or something haha.
i used to do that. Dw it will go away youre probably really tired once i get some decent sleep it went away. If it doesnt it could be epileppsy of something related, u should get it checked if it doesnt budge away
uh, i used to do this as well my uncle actually punished me for it...when i don't even live with him -_-
anyway, everytime someone talk to me i would watch my actions, notice what i did....ya know, every in a minute and then i would catch myself rolling them and then stop...latter i just quick completly XD Source(s): http://answers.yahoo.com/question/index;…
Remove them with a spoon.
Watch almost any episode of "Star Trek: Voyager" and see how unattractive it is when Captain Janeway rolls her eyes.

Can you imagine Captain Picard doing that? PLEASE.

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