Is it a Sty, Pink eye or an eye infection?

Last night my eye started to each and burn which I payed no attention to it. As today has go on my eye burns,hurts,itches, very watery and now the lower eye lid is swelling. Also the complete white part of my eye is very blood shot. My eye is very sensitive to lights immediately as I am typing in the dark. Also I know pink eye is contagious but is a sty or eye infection? I only ask because I hold an 11 month old.

Also it hurts to shut my eye
If I remember right, a sty is just a pimple that forms on your eyelid. What you have sounds more similar to an infection, especially since you are sensitive to light. SOUNDS LiKE AN EYE iNFECTiON BECAUSE PiNK EYE WHEN YOU SLEEP IT FORMS CRUST ON YOUR EYELASHES AND WHEN YOU WAKE UP YOU WINT BE ABLE TO OPEN YOUR EYE UNLESs YOU DAP iT WiTH WARM WATER.
Honestly i would say its an infection such as pink eye. a sty is normally a bump on the bin liner of the eye lid filled with oil or dirt and its annoying but shouldnt be painfull or basis large amounts of swelling. most infections are contagious especially if it is bacterial. since you have a small child and children can be very suseptable to infection and your not sure what it is i would recommend you see an opthalmolagist (eye dr) or even your conventional family practitioner. since its thanksgiving you can go to an emergency clinic if you cant get an appointment soon.(jsut a head up pink eye can come from changing a diaper, taking out the trash or not washing you hands economically or even forgeting to wash your hands, so until you get checked out be sure to rinse out your hands as much as possible especially if you are touch things that could have bacteria such as e coli (found within meats and feces)) if your hands get dry you can use lotion but try not to touch your eye, if you cant obtain to a dr now use eye drops or warm water on a clean up rag Source(s): med assist student
it's pink eye.
P.S. pink eye is an eye infection Source(s): my dr., dr. nevile

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