Blurry Vision When I Wake Up, HELP!!?

Okay so I am only 13 years old but sometimes when I first wake up my sight becomes all blurry and I can't see where I am going! This happen quite often... also at night when I read my eyes sometimes aren't focused and I can't see any of the words clearly for a bit but consequently it focuses. I did see an eye doctor last year and they said I am far-sighted and that I could get glasses but my Dad said I didn't entail it badly so I didn't get them but he doesn't know yet in the order of my sometimes blurry vision because I didn't tell him because I thought it would go away but immediately I am going to tell him because it still happens often...

My Mom have reading glasses, and only once I remember she had blurry delirium and she fell down the stairs and got pretty badly hurt and I am sort of worried that it will happen to me because when I stir up on my way to the washroom which is right across from my room is when my vision gets blurred and right to the departed of my room is the stairs so....

do you know if i need glasses? what should I do?
sorry this is so long :P
First it is completely normal to own blurry vision upon waking first thing within the morning.

As we sleep our eyes form a film over the cornea, just a natural process -- If take a bit of blinking and sometimes (we rub) to have this clear away.

Also when we close our eyes, and especially after sleeping -- Our eyes have relaxed completely. The Iris, the sphincter, the bending of our lense, the shape of our cornea.. and so on are relaxed -- So combine this with a show (that makes anything a bit blurred) --

On TOP of already existing hyperopia (far-sightedness).. the eyes will take some minutes to adjust to a reasonable even.

Combine this all with how 'out' of it we are in common upon waking.. that our senses and reactions just aren't sharp that things are difficult, but contained by a normal way.

The only exceptional thing right now, which is SO very adjectives -- is your hyperopia. Your eye professional diagnosed you with Hyperopia... it isn't going to cure itself on its own -- So, YES, you need glasses. No big do business.. and I have a feeling your dad is worried about money, but your eyesight and safekeeping are worth much more than the cost of a set of glasses.

Plus the prices of a proper exam and eye glasses is SO low these days, you would own to be (can't afford the internet) poor to have a problem with that.

Your eye sight is exalted, I shouldn't have to tell you that.. and I know you are limited to your parents ruling -- But I am sure at the extraordinarily least the Optometrist you saw that diagnosed you with far sightedness could speak with your parents to convince them of your involve for them, medically and so on.

I would venture your hyperopia is not stable, and is problably getting slightly worse as you age and go through puberty --

You need to know how to see things close up, it effects your school work, your self-esteem.. and your overall health. You can and potential do get headaches from not wearing corrective lenses for your refractive error. You are probably putting undue strain on your eye muscles, natural IOL, and tightening facade muscles (among other things) without even being aware of it .. due to this need.

You call for a 'new', 'fresh' eye exam.. to accurately get the proper prescription for your glasses.. because it can very slickly change over the course of a year. -- You could google hyperopia and the problems it creates with school, and vigour -- and show it to your father. If you have $69.95 you can get 2 pair of eyeglasses and an exam and be done beside it :)

There really is no reason to deny yourself this necessity.

Sorry my answer is so long ! =) Source(s): Many visits through the whole fasten from bottom Optician , to middle ground Optometrist, to upper Ophthalmologist , to now Neuro-Ophthalmologist :) -- Plus Med school and a great deal of research.

In this answer it is on the whole common sense though!
Ok, I think a lot of inhabitants have blurry vision right when they wake up. It basically takes some time for your eyes to focus. Glasses are not too bad, it can be annoying to carry around though. Maybe you want to try contacts if you dislike having frames on your face. If you really don't want to, you don't have to win glasses. I know a lot of people who hold impaired vision and absolutely decline to wear glasses or contacts. It's ok, don't worry. Lots of people wear specs, but if you don't like it, nobody should force you. If you're scared you'll fall rotten the stairs, maybe you can wear glasses only when you're doing stuff that requires well brought-up vision. Only get it if you want it or don't mind it, you don't have to force yourself to.

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