My contacts are making my eyes extremely red?

I've had soft-lens contacts since July, but they've only started making my eyes red since mid-November.
I've changed my contacts regularly and take them out every darkness and put them in solution.
I thought it was acting up because I had be keeping them in too long, but after not wearing them for 5 days to make sure my eyes were clear again, I wore them yesterday and after with the sole purpose 7 hours they made red rings around my eyes.

Does anyone know why all the sudden my contacts may be making my eyes red? :p

D: run see your doctor
This used to happen to me and the only thing I could do be not wear them anymore. Hard contacts can be cleaned better and last longer so I switched and never had the same problem again. These symptoms must be investigated by your optometrist. They can indicate minor or principal problems. This is not the place to seek an answer! Source(s): Optometrist
Your eyes may be too sensitive for that particular brand. Try a different brand of lenses. You might have an allergy to that brand or to that cleaner. You involve to talk to your eye dr. Perhaps another brand would be better.

Remember, unfortunately allergies can come and go over time.

I own contact lenses, but I don't wear them every day, I alternate with glasses and contacts. This is alike as me...
Ive cleaned them properly,
put new solution in them,
changed the case what not
and my eyes still walk red

Its probably just ur eyes, people are different sum people can bar it overs cant. Eyes are sensitive so you cant really do anything. Source(s): My brain :)
You might be having allergies or you might need to obtain a new brand of contacts. See your eye doctor Put more solution to the contact lens or change your contact lens or consult your optometrist.