What is considered 'bad vision'?

I've always considered my vision to be pretty bad..and I pretty much thought it be confirmed when I had trouble seeing what was going on in a movie on an IMAX theater blind. But still, out of curiosity, what would you consider "bad vision"?
My contact box says:
BC: 8.7 | DIA: 14.2 | PWR: -2.00

There is no definition of "bad delirium," and if there were, it certainly wouldn't be -2.00. That's a pretty low prescription. Usually anything difficult than a -6.00 is considered high myopia, although they can make glasses into the -20.00s. And that's newly being nearsighted. There's always astigmatism, presbyopia, corneal issues, retinal diseases, glaucoma, and many other things that can blur your perception or blind you.

It's normal for your vision to get worse within your teen years--your eyes are growing just like everything else. They will continue to grow and money until about your twenties. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to hang on to your eyes from getting worse--you can't stop them from growing. Source(s): optometry school
-9.00 myope
bad vision could imply a number of things... did you have your contacts on at the IMAX movie? If you didn't that is probably why you couldn't see, and if you did conceivably you need to see the doctor again. It is very normal for your illusion to change when you are growing, especially if you are experiencing a hormonal change at this point in your existence. You should ask your doctor about keeping it from getting worse. he or she will have the best answer since he knows the details. Normal Vision is 20/20.

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