Eyeglass Prescription Information?

I have an Astigmatism. My prescription in 2006 was +.25 on the R & L SPHERE.. CYL= -2.00 on the R and -1.75 on L. AXIS 088 R and 086 on L. and Decenter .50 on R and L. Those eyeglasses have and still do work minus the fact when i stare at a computer screen for over an hour I grasp a little bit of pull. I had a unsullied eye test done in Nov. 2007...changes include incredibly little except my axis was upped to 92 R and 98 on the L. I got those glasses and experienced other of pull in my right eye. Didn't wear those ones at all scarcely. Went back and got another test 10 days ago. Changes include PLANO on the Left SPHERE and my AXIS to a 092 on R and 095 L. Still a bit bit of pull on my eyes. My Optom.Dr. told me to wear these ones for at least two weeks before giving up on them similar to I did the last pair. Does any smart person out here know if the little variance I have seen among my 3 tests verbs shitty work...or do I just need to wear the darn glasses to obtain used to the new prescription. Also...could I keep my old duo at work and my new ones at home and wear the different prescription glasses without affecting my eyes or cause me problems? Thanks.
R: +0.25 / -2.00 x 88 L: +0.25 / -1.75 x 86

R: +0.25 / -2.00 x 92 L: +0.25 / -1.75 x 98

R: +0.25 / -2.00 x 92 L: Plano / -1.75 x 95

That larger change in the Lt axis would be the point of first suspicion if the new Rx didn't settle. But it's only just a massive shift, though some are very sensitive to axis variations.

Having given the latest Rx a clothed try (and adaptation can legitimately take a week or two) wear whatever is most comfortable but ask for a re-refraction.

A alert binocular refraction is indicated, possibly under cycloplegic, but also a double check on phorias and signs of binocular stress.

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