My eyes burn, and i cant break open them?

Well the problem is that my eye burn every time i open them they still burn even when i close them but they burn more whne i opene them, and well my eyes are red, and when i open my eyes to look i cant really look because my eyes will resembling are all drowsy i cant concentrate on anything... this started happening yesterday night, i wear contacts and the darkness befor i didnt have any liquid eye contact solution so i used eye drops and that night is when they started to burn, approaching hell. i already pots some typ of creme in my eye last night, it help just a TINY bit. what is happening to my eyes should i go see the doctor imidietly?
should i only just wait it out what?
remove your lens at once and don't apply any more eye drop or lotion to worsen the condition.
see your eye's doctor as soon as possible remember to bring along with your C.L. Source(s): optician
take the contacts out. mop up your eyes. and yes- go see a doctor quick. one my dad used the wrong solution and he had to shift to the emregency section. he had the same problem.
GO. NOW. it could be Pink Eye. if it is, don't touch your eyes, and touch other associates or things other people touch - its very contagious. wash your hand constantly.

and go to the doctor!
1 Take out the contacts #2 need to see an eye Dr., rob NO CHANCES with your eyes, even if it is something simply, you could be thankful later. My eyes be burning, red and itching, it was just getting worse over the weeks. Then things started to get blurry. Went to eye Dr. and have dry eyes and could have gotten an infection, never knew it, I have plenty of tears! I get some scripts for drops, that was 3 days ago and I feel much better, can even put my contacts back contained by, and I can see.
Good luck, remember you only have one set of eyes-sorry, that must be the nurse in me. Source(s): Eye Dr, 3 days ago.
You think he can still read what we are writing? its I don`t know your eyes are dry. it happen to me before.
Have you taken your contacts out?!? Take them out already!

After you take them out, flush your eyes out with sea. It'll probably hurt, but you have to get whatever the drops surrounded by your eyes are out. Source(s): Got the insides of a glow stick in my eye once... Same procedure.

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