My eye is itchy and crusty?

well when i wake up i have execive eye crust and through out the hours of daylight it is sort of itchy i can see a small red bump in the corner of my eye.
Get this checked out by a doctor. You may have pink eye. It's more than likely bacterial conjunctivitis (Pink Eye). Your eye doesn't necessarily own to be pink or red to have it. One of the first signs is watery (or goopy) eyes. While you are sleeping this turns into crust. You may even get it so that your eyes are crusted shut one morning when you get up. Other signs are itchiness & irritation, redness (especially at the bottom of the eye or in the corners), and puffy eyes. Go to the doctor and he will give you antibiotic eye drops. Take them exactly as prescribed for as long as prescribed. Don't stop taking them a short time ago because the symptoms go away or you will just get the infection hindmost. Until you can go to the doctor try to avoid touching your eyes, and wash your hands frequently. You are contagious until 24 hours after you own started taking the drops. After you get the drops wash your pillowcases and any other item that you may have have eye contact with.
ok first of all allergy eyes? you can try otc eye drops for ALLERGY"S dry eyes dry skin , dehydrated,, very soon take a HOT used tea bag and hold it on your eye your tear duct is infected STY so this should oblige you ,
you could have an infection so unless your eyeball is RED and watery and itchy its dry air allergy eye dust etc , ask the SCHOOL NURSE i own tobromycin? for antibiotic eye drops RX, sometime your hair shampoo and gels could of cause an irritation , mascara eye goop , stuff DON"T SHARE your EYE makeup if your into self-absorption mode , now i was DX with an eye condition call SLK superior limbic keratitis i get this every 2 yrs normally stress brings it out.. cyclic

Yes, sounds like pink eye. In the stingy time, get a warm cloth and press it lightly against your eye. It help me when I did it, it took away some of the itchiness and crust. You definitely need to see a doctor though.

My regular doctor was competent to prescribe me medication for it.
pink eye. see your doc and get antibiotics, it will not go away without them and it is drastically contagious. good luck. PiiiiiNK EYE!! :)