What exactly is a Blonde fundus and is it bleak to own it?

I recently was told by my eye doc that I have a blonde fundus. Lights are amazingly bright to me and I experience a lot of glare. I have trouble driving at hours of darkness because it always seems drivers have their brights on. I am 30 years aged dark blonde hair, blue eyes and fair skinned. I am by no manner an albino. The only info I can find on this is about albinism. Should I be concerned about this?
Blonde fundus medium that your retina has less pigment in it than other retinas enjoy. This is just like your skin, hair and iris enjoy less pigment than most peoples. If you had a colonoscopy, you would discover that your colon has smaller number pigment than most people. It's not really a problem but it does put you at higher risk of some eye diseases. There is probably a connection between your blonde fundus and your fluffy issues since you have more internal reflections.
It means you own very light pigment in your retina. It is as fruitless as having blonde hair -- ie neither bad nor devout, it just is.

Blonde, blue eyed people often hold blonde retinas as well. It helps explain your light sensitivity.

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