Can I Use These Frames for My Prescription Glasses?

I really want new frames, and I've been looking around and found these, and since I love Cobra Starship, I knew that they'd be awesome. So I'm wondering, if you bring contained by frames to your eyeglass place or whatnot, can they take out the non-prescription lenses and put in your prescription lenses? Or can you only own the frames in the store?
The frames:…
I'd go to a chain optical store and ask them, plus they're much cheapier than a smaller store. Bring the frames, make an eye exam appointment, or a perscription you enjoy that can't be over one year old. Then ask them, they'll send them out and cut the lenses to fit the frames. Source(s): having eyeglasses most my life
You unquestionably can use your own frames.

Some places will try to bs you about it, not say no exactly, but try to tell you they can't guarantee fit, voids the warranty or some other excuse because frames hold a huge mark-up, very profitable. OR they will charge you way too much extra for "special" service. Call around first and find a legitimate store who simply say yes and ask if they will want a surcharge ($20 max is more than enough.)

The only exceptions are if you have a >>very<< unusual prescription that might require thicker/heavier lenses than the frames can support , or you want to put bifocals surrounded by teensy frames.
you can go to target optical and just get RayBan's that look only like those for $150 altogether.

good deal, better trait frames!
You can bring your own frames in, but they have to be the right type of frames for your lenses, and hold to have removable lenses. You would need to ask your optometrist if those frames are suitable. You would probably have to buy them and pocket them in.
It's hard to tell from the photograph, but those frames are almost certainly not of an adequate quality to hold prescription lenses. Yes, you can bring your own frames to the optometrist, but they requirement to be of good quality designed to be suitable to hold a prescription. Source(s): optometrist
The optical store individual carries the lenses that fit the glasses they sell. My mother in-law looked-for to keep her original frames and replace the lenses but they didn't have them anymore and can't custom formulate lenses to fit the frames.
You can get your own frames if money is no object. Mine was another $250 higher than my $500 frames lol. That was for sunglasses though...
Yes, you can absolutely bring your own frame. You don't have to buy the frame at indistinguishable place where you buy the prescription lenses. But many places give you a discount if you buy both the frame & lenses from them.
ty it
I've been wearing glasses since I be 6 years old, and I'm old enough to enjoy used a "dial" telephone at home when I was a kid....OK?

Eyeglasses have other been a huge rip-off, but still essential. ALL the stores, large, small, big-box, etc. make HUGE profits on lenses, and even more profit on frames. About a year ago, I spent $1000 on 3 pairs of specs. Regular bi-focal, walking-around glasses, reading glasses, and Rx sunglasses. It's a &%#$(a)&^ outrage!

Optometrists can take the lenses out of any frame you buy and bring contained by, and use the lenses as templates to make lenses for your frames. The process takes more or less 1 hour. They will ALWAYS give you a hard time, or charge extra, etc.

So here's what you do. You go into an optician beside your prescription, or have an exam there (they make a profit on that too), and after ask how much to make your lenses in that RX. Don't say anything roughly speaking buying new frames. If they ask what frames you want to buy, etc., tell them you have these frames right here, and put your frames on the table.

Now you enjoy done this AFTER they have seen you walking around the store looking at all the frames that flog for $100 to $250, and of course they expect you will want to be ripped off like everybody else!

When they start to tender you BS or charge extra fees, get up and head for the door. Don't argue. When they ask you what's wrong, tell them that another place is liable to put new lenses in YOUR frames, and you don't care to discharge extra, so you'll go down the street, and buy your lenses there....You came into their store because they own an excellent reputation for doing precision work, etc. Thank you very much. Be very apologetic....

See if they don't all of a sudden focus they can do the job for less. And if they can't..... Go Down The Street! Sound like seriously of trouble? Is it worth the difference of $250?? Try it and see. Source(s): More than 50 years of buying eyeglasses.

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