My eye sight - black dots and top-heavy lines floating infront of eyes.?

I am 48 years old. black dots and uneven lines are floating in-front of eyes, wherever I am rotating eyes equal floatings also rotate. What will it effect in my future. Kindly give remedies.
hello sir
u hav symptoms called floaters
usually because of ageing it usually non-hazardous
if u take 20 ppl 5 ppl hav same problem
but if u dnt hav flashes ( it would be like wen u switch on tube light it flckers initially ) that cause tears in ur retina
so if u hav only floatings dnt worry
hav ur retina nouns wid ur eye doctor Source(s): optometrist

It sounds like these symptoms point to eye floaters or flashers. Both are considered safe to your overall vision, so no worries. Although the floaters are pushing and pulling on your retina, so it could tear. But that almost never happens. If your worried I would brand name an appointment with your OD for a check-up. There are no remedies for floaters or flashers, keep your retina healthy by increasing your intake of vitamin A and Lutein.

Good Luck Source(s): Medical School
You necessitate to make a date with a Ophthalmologist to see what is going on. Meanwhile, google Amsler Grid and look at the dot in the center, are any of the splash curving on the gird. If they are when you call the Ophthalmologist tell the girl you are making the appointment about the curving lines, also mention the black dots. And you do not necessitate a referral to see an Ophthalmologist, you can call yourself. Please do it now, Don't put this off. Source(s): I saw black lines and curving lines beside my left eye. Lost the vision in that eye, when a shot of avastin might hold saved my vision.
Hi, sounds like you hold the same as me, astigmatism. and to treat that you need glasses. mine started surrounded by one eye, as I got older, dr said it went to the other eye. I abhorrence those lines they get in my way, lol even though I have it since I was a child astigmatism do not get better without specs, they get worse, so see an eye dr. Hope this helps.
i hv similar problem within my right eye - i cannot clearly view the amsier grid chart with rt. eye - as i have carniel mutilation in my right eye. i hv been testing my eyes every year - but doctors enunciate the defect is due to Scar. the corrected vision in Rt eye is 6/24!! immediately and then I have feeling of dryness, itching or something... theory test revealed no glauma - God only to save the problematic eyes of HIS children
Go to your eye doctor. You might have a torn retina. That is normally fixed by lazer eye surgery.

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