Getting my eyes dilated subsequent week?

My eye doctor wants me to get my eyes dilated next week and i hold never done this before. Can you see after wards? How long does it take to return to majority? Is their a chance your eyes won't return to normal? Does it hurt? What kind of test do they do after your eyes are dilated? I'm super nervous, anything you can tell me will be helpful, gratitude in advance.
Nothing to it. Maybe a little stingy for a few seconds. They consistency kinda weird like almost numb around your eyelids. Doesn't hurt. You can see just fine, I don`t know just a touch blurry. They'll give you weird goggles to wear but you can see. There is no chance they won't return to normal. Sometimes they return within an hour sometimes it take several hours. Anyhow.. nothing to fear nothing to it. I get my first glasses when I was 5 and went through it beside no problems. I'm sure you can.
You can see afterwards, but won't know how to see things very well up close or read worth a damn. Your eyes will also be unbelievably sensitive to bright light. So bring a pair of sunglasses, the temporary sunglasses they grant you are not very good. If you can bring a driver with you for the trip home.

The lighter your eyes are the longer you will stay dilated. People beside brown eyes will not stay dilated as long as a person with blue eyes.
I have blue eyes and I other stay dilated for about 6 hours. My blue eyed son once stayed dilated for almost 24 hours which is rare, but he was pretty babyish also.

Your eyes will return to normal, don't worry.

The drops can sting just a short time when they put the first set of drops in, they usually use a drop per eye of two different drops.

I can't remember the names of the tests but they will be using wishy-washy to see into the rear of your eye. The tests are completely safe and at hand is no pain, your eyes will be pretty sensitive to the light they are using though.

No need to be timid, I have been through all their test many times. Source(s): Histoplasmosis eye patient since 1982. Dilation tests once a month from 1982 to 1988. Dilation test every 6 months from 1988 to date.
That is great that you are getting your eyes dilated! Dilation is a very high-status part of the eye exam!

1) While your eyes are dilated, you won't be able to see up close. You will still be able to see far away.

2) The duration of the drops swing between people, but generally they only ending 3-4 hours.

3) Your eyes will be back to normal after the drops wear off, trust me :)

4) The drops may sting for a few second, but the dilation itself does not hurt at all.

5) The purpose of the dilation is to make the pupil larger. This allows your optometrist to easily look inside your eye and label sure everything is healthy. It's important because there are heaps diseases and changes the rest of your body can have which can be seen contained by the back of your eye!

I wouldn't be nervous at all. For academy, I am required to get dilated all the time (nearly every week!), and it hasn't affected me contained by a negative way at all! Source(s): I'm an optometry student.
There are different kind of dilating drops. Some affect the vision, and some don't. They adjectives make you extremely light sensitive until they wear off. The largest reason for dilating is so the doctor can better see inside your eyes. The drops don't hurt, are perfectly safe and the eyes other return to normal after a few hours. Source(s): Consultant to: http://www.computervisionreadingeyeglass…
Doesn't hurt at all. They just put a few drops within your eye. It makes it so that they can see your eye better. Don't freak out about it. You might just enjoy a tiny bit of blurry vision after for a few minutes. YOu will need to wear sunglasses when you go outside right after as all right since your eyes will be more sensitive.
Atropine drops sting a little. They make you sit there for give or take a few 20 minutes with your eyes closed so that your pupils can dilate. Then they ask you to read the alphabets with different lenses. Because your pupils are dilated they are sensitive to light and so you can't see ably outside for some time. So take dark glasses near you. You are going with someone aren't you? They could guide you for some time.
having your eyes dilated is no big deal.
they just put drops surrounded by your eyes that make your pupils bigger. the drops may sting for a second but there's no real pain involved.
it take about 20 minutes for them to fully dilate and after they are dilated it will take 3-5 hours to return to normal. don't verbs they WILL return to normal. i can't tell you the number of times i've had my eyes dilated throughout my duration and they have always returned to normal.
you will be capable of see pretty much normal when they are dilated but it may be a little bit blurry and your eyes will be a little bit sensitive to wishy-washy and different colors may seeem excessively bold.
just bring a pair of sunglasses to wear on the ride home.

they dilate your eyes so that the dr can use a light and magnifier to see inside adjectives the way to the back of your eye better. so they can just receive sure all of the parts of your eye look healthy like your retina.

try to settle down down cuz you're freaking out needlessly. Source(s): i've had my eyes dilated well over 30 times just within the last 1.5yrs.
No it doesn't hurt. You'll be able to see, but your vision will be blurry and your eyes might be sensitive to bright light. It last probably an hour. Your eyes WILL return to normal.

I can't remember what kind of tests they do, but it isn't much.

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