Why does my contacts bring so much eye boogers?

I get alot of eye boogers during the day when I wear my
Contacts and when I take them out at hours of darkness and I wake up I had alot of crust in my eyes is in attendance a cure for this
How long have you had those contacts for?

This is usually a result of too much protein buildup on the lenses, at which point it is time for a fresh new twosome. You are transferring that buildup of protein onto your eyes as well, and in defense, your eyes secrete a massive amount of 'eye boogers' to try and protect itself.

If you don't own a fresh new pair of lenses right now, wear your specs for a couple days. Your eyes will naturally wash itself free, and it should clear up then. Use a washcloth soaked contained by warm water to gently wipe away the crusts. In the meantime, acquire a new pair of contacts.

Last resort, but it might be too late by immediately - go to a pharmacy and get an enzyme cleanser for the lenses. The enzymes break down the proteins built up on the contact lenses. Make sure to rinse well beside saline afterwards.

But a fresh new pair of contact lenses would be your best bet. Source(s): Happened to me one time after pushing my lenses for 2 years. :P
there isn't a cure but i bet its because of the environment your living within. eye boogers are caused by dirt in your eyes that have not be blinked out and crustiness is cause by closing your eyes (to sleep) but not blinking which causes the eye to not be able to blink out the "dirtiness" but that's ok. And i would basically reccomend you to do nothing.

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