How long do you own to wear the eye shield after cataract surgery?

how long does it need to be on?

and i know you are supposed to wear it while sleeping for the first few days. well i get dreadfully sick after anesthesia so i'm going to be sleeping for nearly 24 hours after the surgery so is if fine that i leave the shield on continuously for all that time?
A week is recommended at night.
It's to protect you from accidentally rubbing your eye while sleeping.


I only had a bit of relaxing treatment. I be fully awake.
Some local anesthesia was applied to the eye ball. No sensation of that.

Good luck.
Ask your surgeon for the correct answer to this query.
You need to follow the expressed directions that the DOCTOR give you.....NOT what people say in here. Ask your doctor. Source(s): I am an optician. O^O
You need to ask your surgeon. There are different types of cataract surgery technique. Some have quicker recoveries than others. You may have a complex overnight case or other eye conditions also that can cause delayed recovery. Your doc should give you detailed written instructions for after surgery prudence and restrictions. Source(s): Doc

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