Why do i seem to be fatter when i wear my contact lenses?

i feel and look wider and fatter when im wearing my contacts and i look smaller and narrower when i wear my glasses, whats up with that?
Are you using Acuvue Oasis? I had a similar problem. Went to the Acuvue Advanced with Hydraclear. I think they be just too thin for the shape of my eyes.
Sounds similar to the correction for astigmatism is different for the glasses vs the contacts. Google "astigmatism test" and try the various versions available on the network. Also link below for one of them.

Also find round or square objects - a good round ball or an idea that is a perfect square - look at the "known" objects and compare what you see with specs, then contacts, then bare eyes. See if these reason change shape. Make it a bit of a science experiment - you might figure it out on your own this way. Source(s): http://library.thinkquest.org/C005949/fu…
google: "astigmatism test"
Glasses for myopia make things look smaller in a mirror. Contacts do not.
Says who, its all in your director darling, if you think you look fat you will get the impression fat, try dressing all in one color, hold details that point vertical or whatever, different styles make you look different some styles make everyone look close to a pork chop.
your definately on to something here,, ur right!!

a few months ago i get new glasses,, when i put them on i was looking at my kids and kinda freaking out,,, they looked big!!
i be saying to them ''r yous really that big?'' as i touched them all over trying to work out what was going on!
they looked at me stunned!

i consider glasses magnify things,, making them look bigger,, and mayb things r larger than we originally thought,, sorry,,lol
That is the wildest thing I own ever heard. I'm sure you are skinny & the contacts just make you be aware of bigger. Wild.
What's up next to that is that apparently you are significantly nearsighted. When a nearsighted lens is placed in front of the eye in space ( when you wear glasses) the lens cause a minified image. When the lens is placed in contact with the eye (hence the baptize Contact Lens) there is no effect on image size. SO, when you wear your glasses everything you see looks smaller. When you wear your contacts at hand is no alteration of image size. If you wear to stop switching back and forth between the glasses and contacts, though, you would soon find that you would no longer mind nearly as much of a perception that you look fatter with your contacts. It's when you switch back and forth that the difference is more noticeable. Source(s): Me. I am an optometric physician.
maybe its freshly you?
idk i really doubt you're actually getting a slimmer look with glasses.

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