What does "BC" stand for within regard to contacts?

Long story short, I went to a VisionWorks place about 11 months or so ago and had an eye exam to draw from more contacts. I ended up with 5.50's on both eyes and my vision have been great since.

My prescription is still theoretically active until the germ of next month. They let me purchase 2 boxes of contacts today. I can't afford a new eye exam at the current time, and one box of contacts

The productive contacts that I had before were AcuVue Oasys next to Hydraclear Plus. D - 5.50 for both eyes. Then under that on the box, it says: BC 8.8 DIA 14.0

They gave me the exact same point today (she pulled up my prescription records). The DIA is 14.0 on my new contacts, but the BC is only 8.4. What's the difference between 8.4 and 8.8, and what does BC stand for?

Thanks. :-)
BC is base curve. The difference between the 8.4 & 8.8 is the 8.4 is "steeper" on your eye. It is primarily a tighter fit on your eye. It could provide lack of oxygen to your eyes. If your prescription is for BC 8.8 then I would definitely clutch them back & check with them/eye dr on the mistake.
BC stands for "base curve" (sizing parameter) and 8.8 and 8.4 are pretty vastly dissimilar IMO. something is up. BOTH of those cannot be right-one of those is probable wrong. somebody made a mistake. you need to go back and check. show them your older 8.8 boxes. Source(s): optometrist

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