Why does my eye itch somewhat and really burn after removing contacts lenses? It's constant.?

I went to the eye doctor today and I got contact lenses, when I put them in they be okay but a couple of minutes later my left eye started to burn because I had makeup on it, so the doctor some drops contained by it and it felt better but after I left the pain come back. After I got home I took the contact lenses out and they've been burning ever since. On a ascend from 1-10 the pain a 15. What do I do? I put a compress on it and and I can't even touch it without it really hurting.
Are they brand new? You never wore contacts formerly? Maybe you have to get used to them.

Or it could be the solution. Try a different brand.
sounds to me like you might be have a reaction to something. doubtful IMO its the "lens" itself. more likely to be some of the drops they used during your exam (like fluress eyedrops...a common diagnostic drop that various people react to) or the contact lens solution, etc.

use COLD compresses, not hot. dont rub. go vertebrae tomorrow and tell them what happened. Source(s): optometrist
The odd flake of mascara fiber or the wrong eye pencil can get you eyes puff up or feel like they're on fire.
If you verbs to wear a lens that hurts, you might scratch your cornea, the eye's front window.
The fact that a contact lens is constantly touching the eye lead to the possibility of an allergy developing to the lens material, deposits on the lens, or to solutions used with the lens.A common source of allergy is a preservative found contained by the contact lens solutions. allergy or sensitivity to these preservatives, symptoms of allergy (redness, itching, discharge) frequently develop especially when the lens is first inserted, or when rewetting drops containing these preservatives are used.
Rarely, one can develop an allergy to lens material itself, and trying a different brand, or switching to a rigid type of lens may help.
Rewetting drops may be important for lubricating the eye and keeping the contact hydrated. To promote comfort; the lens must be economically hydrated. Rewetting solutions also keep debris from building up under the contact lens.
Do not use an eye drop i.e. not specified for contact lens use. The right lubricating eye drops can provide you with relief.

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